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Beautiful & One-of-a-Kind Memorial Benches & Monubenches

Granite memorial benches from First Call Monuments in Calgary are a great addition to your loved ones gravesite. Our expertly crafted products can also be found in gardens and parks or on the grounds of schools and other properties. You can customize benches with engravings or a variety of distinctive elements.

At First Call Monuments, we can also provide elegant monument benches (monubenches) that incorporate upright headstones or custom monuments into your bench. We take pride in creating stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces that help preserve the memory of your departed.

If you have questions about our memorial benches or monubenches in Calgary, please call or schedule an appointment.

Our Specials | Call to learn about current special pricing for custom-made pieces.

First Call Monuments

Bay #4, 5524 1A St. S.W.

Calgary, AB, T2H 0E7

Toll-Free: 877-723-0811


#10, 3220 5th Avenue NE 
Calgary, AB, T2A 5N1 

Phone: 403-719-8575
Toll Free: 855-258-9422

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